Traditional Aged Wine Barrels

Certified production process of excellent barrels from one of the world’s largest houses!

Since 1921, Dargaud & Jaegle has been a strong supporter of the idea that aging in oak barrels should be done with the utmost respect for the fruit, the soil and the cultivation of the winery. Dargaud & Jaegle’s traditional techniques, constantly evolving and assisted by modern technology, are defending this ideal.

Uniqueness & Elegance

Dargaud & Jaegle has created exceptional barrels for the world’s leading wineries

The thorough processes in wood selection, combined with the house’s commitment to traditional technique, make Dargaud & Jaegle barrels the definition of beauty and elegance.

Dargaud & Jaegle’s unique traditional bending process channels heat from flaming oak deep into the boards, creating a subtle and refined aromatic nuance.

δρύινα βαρέλια


D&J’s certifications are a guarantee of the following:

  • The oak used is of French origin.
  • All parts of the wood are fully traceable.
  • All the oak boards are of French origin and all the wood is traceable.
  • The boards are air-dried naturally.
  • All barrel makers are highly skilled craftsmen.
  • The volume and dimensional standards of the barrels are strictly adhered to.
  • The interior and exterior surfaces meet quality standards.
  • Strict production procedures are adopted to ensure the overall quality of the barrels as well as the delivery in the process.
  • Wood suppliers are PEFC certified, which guarantees the origin of the wood from sustainable forests and the traceability of the oak.

Furthermore, being sensitive to environmental issues, Dargaud & Jaegle has created its own carbon footprint in order to find ways to reduce its ecological impact

tonnerie Dargaux et Jeagle
  • Weight: 45 kgs
  • Height: 874 mm
  • Head diameter: 585 mm
  • Bilge diameter: 720 mm
  • Weight: 47 kgs
  • Height: 874 mm
  • Head diameter: 595 mm
  • Bilge diameter: 730 mm
  • Weight: 45 kgs
  • Height: 944 mm
  • Head diameter: 560 mm
  • Bilge diameter: 690 mm
  • Weight: 35 kgs
  • Height: 944 mm
  • Head diameter: 560 mm
  • Bilge diameter: 690 mm