Original because of their shape in addition to being aesthetically pleasing and practical, they particularly stand out due to their characteristics which enhance the body, structure and fruitfulness of wines during the aging process.

The egg-shaped vats are produced based on the Golden Ratio, which has been used since Antiquity to create perfectly proportioned structures.

They are moulded without any synthetic bonding agent or additive. During production, the egg is created with sand and washed gravel. They do not have any metallic framework.

Used to age wines but also during vinification, the egg-shaped vats make it possible to create a natural vortex that fosters the constant circulation of the wine constituents. The lees are naturally suspended due to the changes in cellar temperature and this movement is fostered by the shape of the vat as there are no angles.

egg shaped vats


Conceived and created by Marc Nomblot, the egg-shaped vat complies with the Golden Ratio. It is made in an artisanal fashion at a family-run workshop in Ecuisses, Saône et Loire.

It’s a proportion initially defined in geometry that corresponds to the Greek letter « φ ».

OEuf de Beaune offers two vat sizes, 9.5 HL and 19 HL, which are ideal for vinification and for maturing as well small lots of wine. All vats are handmade and cast at once to create this 100% French/Burgundian product.

These vats, which can be used for vinification or wine ageing, are suitable for all types of wine whether red, white or rosé. Delivered bare, options may be added such as a thermometer, bung, coil or temperature control system connection, etc. They do not have any metallic framework and can thus be easily transported and moved.


The concrete egg-shaped vat can be an alternative or a complement to oak barrels for aging and vinification. It contributes to the micro-oxygenation of wines for enhanced body, structure, fruitfulness as well as freshness. Perfectly adapted to small batch production, it gives birth to pure, noble, classy and elegant wines that reflect their terroir of origin.

The natural concrete used to produce them is microporous which enables the micro-oxygenation of the wine. They breathe and can absorb thermal shock. This means any wine temperature increases are gradual. The vats have no angle which creates a vortex providing a natural fluid movement, thereby providing constant lee movement.

These vats are created specifically for the exacting wine maker who is interested in biodynamics and fluid energy.

The egg-shaped concrete vat can be used as a complement to any barrel just as any vintage can be entirely raised in “an egg” to better preserve fruitiness and freshness. The aromas develop in an optimal manner and no stirring is necessary given the vortex movement.


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